Two-factor verification (Setup)

You can enable Two-factor verification (TFA) in Trakr for enhanced security on your user account.

To start

You will need to download the Google Authenticator from the Apple app store or the Google play store.

Setup your verification code

Under your account settings, you can find a tab for two-factor verification.

User account (TFA)

You will be presented with additional information on how the two-factor verification will work in general.

TFA information

On the next step, you will receive the finalized details to enable 2-factor verification for your account.

TFA code

At this point, you should open the Google authenticator app and add a new entry. You can either add the entry manually using the account/key information or scan the bar code (easier) generated from the web page.

Google Authenticator

Finalize the setup

After adding the entry in the Google Authenticator, it should generate a 6-digit code. Enter that code (without space) on the web page.

Google Authenticator

IMPORTANT: once you have entered the code, you will have enabled two-factor verification, which means you will always need to generate a new code when you log into the website.