Testing in a single environment

Sometimes when you are working on a new web-based project, you only have one environment that can be accessed by Trakr (e.g. development). Trakr can be very effective in visual testing within this single environment.

The testing scenario

One of the common scenario for a single environment testing is working on a web-based project that is not yet live. You may have a development environment (e.g. dev.example.com) where different users can access and check-in on the progress of the project.

  • New features are deployed to this environment on a regular basis
  • Testing is performed in this environment to make sure there are no defects or regressions

In this testing scenario, you can simply perform visual testing by creating a screenshot collection before and after each deployment and test between them.

Setting up your project

When you create a new project on Trakr, enter the development environment URL for your project.

Dev project

Creating the baseline screenshot collection

Before you make any code deployment to the development environment, you can create a new screenshot collection to serve as the baseline (before) snapshot to be used in your visual testing. Use a meaningful name for the screenshot collection such as “pre-featureXYZ” to designate this is a snapshot before featureXYZ is deployed.



Creating a post-deployment screenshot collection

Via the same process as above, after you have deployed featureXYZ, create another screenshot collection. You will now have a snapshot of the project after the feature deployment.

Post deployment

Triggering the visual test

Finally, you can manually create a test between the two screenshot collections.

Visual testing (single environment)

Note: the screenshot collections will say “production” environment which may be confusing. This is because Trakr requires at least the production environment of the project setup in order to work. In this case, your development website is the “production” environment in the Trakr project.