Masking private information

We often overlook privacy considerations when performing visual testing. This guide shows you how to quickly use Trakr to safeguard private information in your testing project.

An example

In this example, we are testing a web-app project. In this project, we are testing several pages where personal information such as the first name, last name, email address as well as other secure information such as API tokens appear in the pages that we are testing.

This can be problematic beyond regulatory compliance. For example, if you have additional team members with access to the project or testing the project in a public space, this information can be exposed easily.

Private information

Our setup

We can use the “mask element” feature in Trakr to block out these elements from the testing process.

Mask elements

If you are using the Chrome web browser, get unique CSS selector extension can also be helpful to locate the elements that you want to mask.

Copy CSS Selector


The outcome

When you perform visual testing in the future with the elements masked, you can see that they no longer appear in the screenshot captured. This will help safeguard private information as well as minimize the impact on the visual testing process.

Masked elements