Testing large projects

While Trakr can be used to create large screenshot collections (hundreds of URLs), it is worth considering to only configure key pages/URL for your projects to limit your usage.

When you create a large screenshot collection, Trakr creates multiple concurrent connections to the website. The more URLs you have in a project, the more connections Trakr will make in order to complete the screenshot collection as fast as possible. In this case please:

  1. Make sure the target website can handle the amount of traffic.
  2. Run the screenshot collection in an off-business hour.

Otherwise running the screenshot collection can be seen as a DDOS or similar security breach. Below are a couple of things that can help mitigate this.

Throttled performance

Trakr initiates multiple processes to perform screenshot capture by default. This is ideal for a production/live website since it can handle the server request load. However, for testing on non-production environments (staging, development, build), this can cause server timeouts, etc that results in bad screenshot quality. If you experience screenshot quality issues in your staging/development environment, this setting can help throttle the number of processes used when capturing screenshots on these environments.

Performance throttle

Configure user agent string

Under advanced settings, you can also specify the bot string for Trakr. This can be used by the system administrators as well as a data analyst to identify site traffic from Trakr.

User agent