Security Statement


This document outlines our cloud security practices and specifically regarding the storage, processing of your data. Protecting your data and privacy is important to us.


Trakr provides hosted services (“Cloud App”) for Bitbucket cloud (, an Atlassian Cloud Product. The App is delivered through the Atlassian Connect App framework ("Atlassian Connect"). This Cloud Security Statement will provide you with an overview of the collection and processing of your data for the Cloud app. In the following, all data created by an Atlassian Cloud end-user and stored within the Atlassian Product are defined as "Customer Data".

Data Storage

Our cloud app stores Customer Data in our secure, cloud server infrastructure outlined in the “subcontractor” section. We only store minimal information generated by the Atlassian Connect Express (ACE) framework in order to communicate and interact with our main service.

Data Collection

Customer data collected by our Cloud app include the Atlassian user information such as UUID, ClientKey, username, avatar. Our app does not request any additional data other than what’s necessary for the app to interact with our end service. No email address, phone numbers are collected as part of the app life cycle.

All data generated and stored by the Cloud app are deleted when the user uninstalls the Cloud app from their Bitbucket Cloud account.

Data Location New York, USA.

How do we use your data

We only use the Customer Data such as ClientKey and other App details generated from Atlassian Connect to interact with our end service. We do not use any Customer data collected to append user information in our end service.


DigitalOcean, LLC, USA: We use DigitalOcean to host our Cloud app and store Customer data. Their privacy policy can be found here

Additional Support

Customer data is deleted whenever a customer removes the app from his/her Bitbucket cloud account. If you need help removing the app from your account, please contact us