When it comes to visual integrity, Trakr helps your website stakeholders, QA engineers, web developers, project managers, and release managers stay on the same page.


Starting... fast

Quickly start a project from a live website/web-app or from one of your GitHub repositories. Trakr can automatically scan your project and add relevant URLs.

Create new project

Test multiple devices

Test your web-based projects in different devices and responsive breakpoints to ensure visual integrity is kept for your audience.

Test multiple devices

Test across environments

Trakr gives you the ability to configure multiple environments for your website. Create screenshot collections and compare them across development, staging and production environments.

Test environments

Visual Testing

Test screenshots between updates, project environments and continuous integration build.

Test report

Get a quick overview for each URL tested in the comparison, filter the report based on the device/breakpoint and share the report with external stakeholders.

No change
Minimal change
Moderate amount of change
Significant amount of change
Visual report new

Visual inspection

Drill down to each individual URL or device breakpoint to see highlights of the visual difference. Inspect the before/after snapshot to pinpoint the visual defect.


Annotate and collaborate

An easy annotation tool allows you to comment 
on changes and share them with your team and stakeholders.


Get notifications

Receive notification on SLACK or via email when your screenshot collection or comparisons are complete and when visual defects are detected.

Powerful features

Powerful features that meet your testing needs for all visual testing scenarios.


Page interactions

Page interactions give you the control of the page before taking the snapshot. It opens up boundless possibilities of visually testing your web-based projects in various states.

Page interactions

Team management

You can quickly add other users and give them different levels of access to your projects. This provides easy collaboration across teams or in an agency setting.

Team management

User login

Trakr can log into your website and take screenshots of contents, administrative user interfaces and other URLs behind user login. This is ideal for testing web applications and other contents that require user logins.


Dynamic content masking

Quickly block out dynamic content areas using CSS selectors for elements such as slideshows, advertisement banners, and areas with privacy concerns for a more accurate, efficient testing process.



API access allows you to automate most of the tasks in Trakr, build integrations with 3rd party platforms to further automate your testing/monitoring needs.