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Start testing today

1,800 screenshots

Unlimited tests

API access

*All standard features

30-days data retention



Good for 5 to 10 websites

4,500 screenshots

Unlimited tests

API access

*All standard features

60-days data retention



Automate all of your projects

9,000 screenshots

Unlimited tests

API access

*All standard features

90-days data retention


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Scaled to your needs

Unlimited Screenshots

Public or private cloud infrastructure

Whitelabel look/feel

*All standard features

configurable data retention

Free plan


Use Trakr, on us!

600 screenshots / month

Unlimited tests

API access

*All standard features

30-days data retention

What is included in the paid subscription

All subscription plans come with all standard features in Trakr including advanced screenshot controls, scheduling, multiple breakpoints, environments, and API access. The only difference is the number of screenshots allowed and data retention period.

What is a screenshot?

We count a screenshot as a screenshot captured per device breakpoint per URL. For example, if you have a project with 10 URLs and 3 breakpoints (mobile, tablet, desktop), each time a screenshot collection created will contain 30 screenshots (10 x 3).

What is data retention?

Part of the cost of running Trakr is the storage cost for screenshots and comparison test images. In order to continue providing outstanding performance at a competitive pricing level, our system will automatically purge comparison tests and screenshot collection after their retention period has expired. If you need a longer data retention period, please contact us.

What if I go over my screenshot limit?

Trakr will send an automatic notification when you are close to your screenshot limit. You can always upgrade your subscription when you are close to reaching your limit. Finally, we do not impose any restriction on your account once you have gone over your limit in a given period, you will simply be charged with an overage cost.

  • Essential plan: $0.04 per screenshot
  • Professional plan: $0.03 per screenshot
  • Agency plan: $0.02 per screenshot

Can I cancel my paid subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time under your account settings. Your subscription will be canceled at the end of your billing period.

Do you accept other forms of payment

Yes! Payment can be made via check or wire transfer when pre-paying for an annual subscription in advance. Please contact us for more information.

What’s the accepted currency?

All currency is in USD (U.S dollar), we are actively working on supporting other major currencies.