Meet Trakr. We’re here to help you catch visual regressions on your site.

Who we are

Trakr is created by a small team of passionate professionals from the web development industry with over 20 years of experience in user experience design, web development, and test automation.

Today, Trakr is part of the quality assurance pipeline trusted by web developers, QA engineers, project managers and business owners alike.


URLs tested

Tested by professionals

We believe in today’s world where websites are business-critical, site owners need the peace-of-mind that their digital properties are always being monitored and tracked.

Trakr was born out of the necessity to automate visual testing for complex websites with personalization features, mobile device breakpoints, dynamic contents and other facets in the modern web today. Our DNA steeps from a leading global digital agency that delivers innovative ideas, human-centered designs, and the best technologies to create compelling experiences for both users and the people that build them.

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