Sharing screenshots collection/tests

There is often a need to share the screenshot collection or visual comparison test result with different project stakeholders that might not have user accounts in Trakr. Fortunately, this can be done very easily in Trakr.

Automatic sharing

If you have setup SLACK notification, the screenshot collection or the comparison report link can be opened by anyone without a user account in Trakr. This means anyone with access to the SLACK channel can view the respective collection on Trakr.


Similarly, for anyone that is set up to receive additional email notifications, they can access the links to the screenshot collection or the comparison report from the links in the email without the need of a user account in Trakr

email notification

Manual Sharing

Lastly, you can also manually share any screenshot collection or comparison test report with the “Share” button. This will create a sharable link and copy it to your clipboard which you can paste into any communication mediums.


Additional information

  • The sharable link generated from either SLACK/email notification or manually will be available for 15 days. If you need to provide external access to a screenshot collection or comparison report, simply click the “Share” button again.
  • External users (without Trakr access) can only view the report and individual items within the report. They will not have the ability to delete the test, change its status or perform other operations.