Adding cookies

A lot of websites use cookies to store actions performed by visitors in order to personalized website contents and visual displays. An example of this is the website with age restrictions. If a user does not provide a valid age, they cannot access the rest of the website and are always redirected to the age check page.

Age gate

This can potentially prevent Trakr from taking screenshots of other URLs. Fortunately, we can use Trakr to add cookies and pass this check.

Find the right cookie

Once you have entered a valid age and passed the age check page, the website should now have set a cookie on your local storage. You can find the cookie now through your browser “inspect” windows.
Inspect cookie

Based on the list of the cookies, we can see the most likely cookie for the age restriction check is the “validuser” with a value of 1

If you are unsure which cookie it is, you can always inspect the cookies before you pass the age restriction page and check it again to see which cookie was added.

Adding cookie in Trakr

Under project settings >> advanced >> misc section you will find a configuration to add the cookie

Adding cookie