Project configuration

If you have successfully purchased a Trakr subscription from GitHub Marketplace or installed the Trakr/GitHub integration, you will now be able to create projects that work with GitHub repositories.

You can configure any existing project on Trakr to work with your GitHub integration by navigating to the project settings screen under “integrations” tab.

Project settings

  • Repository¬†– This should be the corresponding repository on GitHub for the project.
  • Base environment¬†– Trakr will create “baseline” screenshot collections on this environment to be used in the comparison test.
  • Branch¬†– This should be the branch that corresponds to the base environment (e.g. production/staging). Trakr listens to any pull requests on GitHub made against this branch. (as the base branch)

Finally, if you do not have a continuous integration setup (a build environment), Trakr will only generate baseline screenshots which you can manually use to perform visual test after you have deployed your code.