Page scrolling

Trakr’s screenshot processing engine takes an aggressive approach by default when taking the screenshot of a page. This is aimed to be efficient and fast. While this works for a majority of websites and web-apps, sometimes it comes with the expense of screenshot quality.

When do we need page scrolling

One of the most widely used techniques in building modern websites and web-based applications today is lazy-loading. This helps to decrease the webpage loading time by loading certain elements on the page “on-demand”. It means certain parts of the web page are not loaded until the user has taken some action, e.g. scrolling the page.

Below is an example of a website that loads certain elements based on scrolling the page.

In order to handle a website that loads content based on page scrolling, Trakr emulates the process of actually scrolling the entire page as a user would in order to trigger all the elements on the page to load before proceeding to take the screenshot of the page.

All you need to do is check the option to “Scroll the page” under project settings > advanced

Advanced settings

Remember, check this option only if your project contains pages that load contents based on page scrolling. This option will help generate more accurate screenshots at the expense of performance.