Import from sitemap (beta)

Sometimes the sitemap of your website can be a great source for setting up relevant URLs for testing in your project.

Trakr provides a very simple interface that allows you to import URLs from your website sitemap.

Below is an example of how to import URLs using a sitemap.

Import from sitemap

If your website does not have a sitemap or we are unable to detect a sitemap, you can still use the “Scan URL” feature to add URLs into your project

Scan URL


What’s a sitemap, what do you use?
We import sitemap file specified by

What’s the difference between using the sitemap to add URLs for my project vs. using Scan URL?
Trakr either looks for URLs from the sitemap.xml file or using our proprietary URL scanner to search for relevant URLs on the website. You can try both methods to see which one provides a more accurate list of URLs for you.

How come Trakr can’t find my sitemap?
Trakr looks for the sitemap file from the base URL you provide. For example, if you have entered a base URL of “”, it will search for