Basic authentication (htpassword/shield)

Trakr provides the ability to take screenshots of websites with basic authentication. Basic authentication is the simplest way a server can implement access controls for web pages or other resources without the need for cookies, session identifiers, or login pages. It simply uses standard authentication fields in the HTTP header to perform an authentication check.

Normally, if you are accessing a web resource that requires basic authentication, the browser will prompt you with the something that may look like:

Firefox prompt

Chrome prompt

Common scenarios for basic authentication

  1. A website in development or staging environment where users need access without the site being crawled by search engines or other prying eyes.
  2. Internal (low importance) resources that need to be accessible by a group of people.

Configure basic authentication in Trakr

Under project settings >> environments you will find “basic authentication” which allows you to enter the authentication credentials for the given environment.

Basic auth