Create new project on Trakr

There are many ways to add your website to Trakr for testing, here are some of the main ways:

  • Add your website manually
    The fastest way to start testing your website on Trakr without any technical knowledge.
  • Add your website from a GitHub repository
    Great for release managers and DevOps professionals to incorporate visual testing into your CI/CD workflow.
  • Create a project using the Trakr API
    Ideal for users with advanced technical knowledge and looking to automate a large number of projects. (Learn more)


Add your website manually

New project manual

Creating the project manually provides the fastest way to start testing your website. Additionally, you can refine the list of URLs that you want to test on your website or automatically import them via a sitemap or Trakr’s URL scanner.

Add your website from a GitHub repository

If your website code runs on a Git repository hosted on GitHub, Trakr can perform automated testing as part of your Git workflow. In order to add your website using this method, you must install the Trakr/GitHub app first.

Once you have installed the Trakr/GitHub app, you should be presented with additional options when creating a new project:

New project GitHub

You will be presented with a walkthrough to creating the project with the GitHub repository you have authorized Trakr. You can learn more about the GitHub/Trakr integration in our documentation.