Before you can start trigger visual tests on Trakr from Bitbucket, please make sure you have installed the integration app.

If you navigate to any of your Trakr project settings -> integrations, you should see something similar to the screen below: (If you see a different message under “Bitbucket” and do not see the fields below, it means you have not installed the integration app).

Configure bitbucket

  • Base Environment
    The environment used to trigger visual comparison tests against. This normally should be a stable environment such as production or staging environment. When you create a pull request, a baseline screenshot will be generated in this environment.
  • Repository
    The Bitbucket Cloud repository this project is connected to. The repository name should look like [username]/[repository name].

For example, you can find this information when you bring up the repository cloning window from Bitbucket:

Project configuration step 2

In this case, your username is “bob123” and your repository name is my_project“. The repository value for Trakr will be bob-123/my_project

Triggering the tests

Once you have configured the “Base environment” and “Repository“, Trakr will now able to trigger visual tests as part of your pull requests.

Creating a pull request

A baseline screenshot collection will be created when you create a new pull request in the specified repository.

Base screenshot collection

The screenshot collection should have a name that looks like PR [pull request id] (base): [pull request title]. This will be the baseline screenshot Trakr use to perform visual testing later against development/build environments.

Trigger visual testing

To trigger a visual test in Trakr, you simply add a comment in the pull request.

Pull request comment

Your comment should consist of two keywords:

  1. “trakr” – This tells the platform to trigger a visual test
  2. (optionally) a base URL of your “development/build” environment. For example,

Pull request visual test

Once you add the comment in the pull request, a visual test will be triggered against the baseline screenshot collection generated at the creation of the pull request.

FAQs on test triggering

  1. Do not format to your comment! (e.g. link the URL, etc) 
  2. Case mixing is ok with the keyword, you can use “Trakr”, “trakr”, “TRAKR”.
  3. Your build environment URL should be publically accessible by trakr. You can use basic authentication and include the credentials in the URL such as
  4. Your build environment URL should start with http or https, “” will not work
  5. If you do not specify a base URL for your build environment, a visual test will be triggered comparing the same environment as the base screenshot.