Text monitoring (beta)

Text monitoring is an optional feature under notification settings in Trakr. It enables Trakr to monitor for specific text on the page while taking the screenshot and alerts the user on the condition of whether the text is found or not.

Practical use cases

This feature can be useful in some of the following scenarios:

  • Watching for specific disclaimer texts on your website.
  • Monitoring for e-commerce inventory (out-of-stock items)
  • Check work progress/requests. (e.g. asking someone to change the text on the website)


The text monitoring configuration can be found under the notification toggle for “Completed screenshots”. 

  • You can configure the text to watch for multiple URIs in your project.
  • Once you have configured text monitoring, you will only receive the notification when one of the configured condition is no longer valid.

Text monitoring configuration


Example configuration

For example, I am interested to monitor the text circled in red on the home page and make sure it always appears on the page.

Text monitoring example

This means I only want to receive a notification when this text is changed or disappeared, the configuration will look like the following:

Text monitoring

The notification email

You will receive an email notification when the configured condition is NOT MET. In this case when the text no longer appears on the website.

Text monitoring notification

Additional notes

  • Text monitoring is best used with the “monitoring” feature so you can receive email notification automatically.
  • This feature is still in beta, there might be cases where text appears in the Document Object Model (DOM) but not is visible on the page.