Screenshot modes

Sometimes you might experience issues with your screenshots on Trakr. This can be caused by a variety of factors and such as website implementation, use of animations, etc. As the default, Trakr uses a combination of strategies in an attempt to take the best screenshot possible for a given page. Occasionally, it may cause some quality issues.

In case you experience issues with taking the screenshot, you can try to toggle the “Simple mode” in Trakr. This will implement a simple strategy when taking the screenshot. If you are still experiencing quality issues with the screenshot, please consider additional options such as “page scrolling” and “waiting for the page to load“.

Screenshot mode


Screenshot modes

The default mode for taking screenshots in Trakr is what we call a “partial screenshot strategy“. In this mode, we take multiple screenshots of the page based on the viewport resolution (e.g. 1440px X 810px). At the end of the process, we combine all of the partial screenshot into the final screenshot for the entire page. This strategy ensures that we scroll the page and simulate how real users would go through an entire page.

Alternatively, the simple mode just takes one giant screenshot in one pass without performing any scrolling of the page.

Screenshot mode example

Note that generally speaking the partial screenshot strategy yields the best quality for screenshots, it is not guaranteed. Toggling the simple mode may* help with the screenshot quality.