GitLab Installation

The Trakr/Gitlab integration gives you the ability to trigger visual tests from GitLab as part of your “merge request” project workflow. The integration only works if you use merge request in GitLab. (Learn more)


First, navigate to the Trakr project you want to work with GitLab, under the integration tab, you should find a section to enable the GitLab integration.

Trakr Gitlab

Once you enable the integration, you are presented with the following:

  • Base Environment
    The environment used to trigger visual comparison tests against. This normally should be a stable environment such as production or staging environment. When you create a merge request, a baseline screenshot will be generated in this environment.
  • (Callback) URL
    A Trakr generated URL unique to this project that you should copy and paste into your project integration settings in GitLab (see below).
  • Secret token
    A Unique token generated for this project to be used with your GitLab project. You should copy and paste this into your project integration settings in GitLab (See below).


Gitlab enabled


Now that you have enabled the GitLab integration and saved your project settings, you can go to your GitLab project. Make sure you have access to configure integration settings for your GitLab project.

GitLab settings


Now you can copy and paste in your”

  • (Callback) URL into -> URL
  • Secret Token -> Secret Token

Additionally, make sure that “Comments” and “Merge request events” are checked as part of this webhook integration. Your project is now set up with Trakr to start making visual tests!