Trakr integrations

We built Trakr to easily work with your existing web site frameworks, your application development pipeline, and other toolsets. We are always looking to integrate Trakr with more applications to make it even better.

Workflow tools

Trakr works with your favorite code repository management tools and gives you the ability to easily trigger visual tests in your pull/merge requests.

BitbucketGitHubGitLab logo

Continuous Integrations

Incorporate Trakr into your DevOps pipeline and automatically run visual tests as part of your automated testing suite.

Circle CI

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Trakr works with your CMS by automatically linking the website with a project for daily visual monitoring.


If there is a platform that you wish to integrate with Trakr that’s not here, please let us know. If you are feeling adventurous, there’s always the Trakr API you can use to build your custom integration.