Catch visual regressions before they reach your live website


Here’s how it works

Keep your brand and your platform immaculate. Trakr monitors your site to 
ensure that any visual regressions are caught before changes are deployed


Add your website

Add one or more websites you’d like to test. Trakr will identify your most important pages and automatically begin monitoring them. Each time a change is deployed, Trakr will test those changes across up to four devices or breakpoints and will notify you if any visual defects are found when compared.


Create a screenshot collection

Create a screenshot collection for your website. Trakr will take a screenshot for all URLs and device/breakpoints you have specified. You can use this screenshot collection to compare with others later when you create a new website release.


Perform visual comparison

Create and compare screenshots whenever you update your website. Though Trakr will still automatically check pages, this tool is great for anyone who wants to manually compare versions of their platform.


Collaborate and share

Create and share comparison reports with your team. Your colleagues, your clients, and your stakeholders will all thank you.


Simple, transparent, cancel anytime


Start testing today

1,800 screenshots

Unlimited tests

API access

*All standard features

30-days data retention



Good for 5 to 10 websites

4,500 screenshots

Unlimited tests

API access

*All standard features

60-days data retention



Automate all of your projects

9,000 screenshots

Unlimited tests

API access

*All standard features

90-days data retention


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Scaled to your needs

Unlimited Screenshots

Public or private cloud infrastructure

Whitelabel look/feel

*All standard features

configurable data retention